Black Friday at Our Shop!

A Beautiful Mess 2015 planners available at Hi, friends! Today I have a bunch of new products and special deals to share with you for Black Friday! 

First up—our 2015 planners are available. These are limited edition and selling fast! (Yes, that is a warning! I don't want anyone to be sad when they sell out.)

There are three covers to choose from. 

A Beautiful Mess 2015 planners available at      A Beautiful Mess 2015 planners available at       A Beautiful Mess 2015 planners available at      Classic, Golden, and Colorful. (Which is your favorite?) 

Here are some peeks at the inside—

A Beautiful Mess 2015 planners available at shop.abeautifulmess.comEach month features a creative quote and a color coded tab. 

A Beautiful Mess 2015 planners available at   There is a pocket in the back of each planner that includes a sticker sheet with colorful icon stickers for everyday occasions like doctors' appointments, travel, and (of course!) pizza. 

A Beautiful Mess 2015 planners available at    There is also a page with colorful arrow stickers to mark important dates throughout your planner. 

A Beautiful Mess 2015 planners available at     You can really see the tabs in this view. I love how they turned out! Each planner also has an elastic band to keep everything together and a ribbon to mark your place. 

Pre-order your planner here. They'll make fantastic gifts! 

A Beautiful Mess iPhone cases available at shop.abeautifulmess.comABM iPhone cases are here! Check out the shop for 5 and 6 sizes. Emma and I have been using them for the past month, and we're so pleased with the quality! They are ideal for us—sturdy without being bulky. 

And the insides are SO cute—

A Beautiful Mess iPhone cases available at  A Beautiful Mess iPhone cases available at  (Details make us SO happy!) 

OK, time for a special sale! 

Holiday Print Set! Available at Holiday Print Set! Available at I designed a gold foil holiday print set that I am very excited about! It's on sale for the weekend for just $25!! (It's already marked down—no code needed!) This is a pretty crazy deal because each print individually is $20! Niiiiccce. 

Plus, who doesn't need a Home Alone quote for their wall? 

Holiday Print Set! Available at  Kevin McCallister forever. 

We Have A Good Thing art print available at Speaking of art prints—I haven't even posted about the rest of our prints yet!!! This We Have A Good Thing print is a re-imagined version of one of my favorite prints I did waayyyyy back in my Etsy shop days! (It's my favorite—so special.) 

We also have an abstract art print of one of my mom's original paintings called Bliss. It's gorgeous! Check out the perfect print for your entryway and the perfect print for your studio space, and a fun, interactive print for new couples, besties, or families (highlight each activity as you complete it!). Jeremy and I will be using this print all winter. 

A Beautiful Mess Photoshop Actions Our Actions are on sale! Each set is $10 off and The Complete Collection is $20 off! The discounts are already applied. (This sale is only for the weekend, so if you've been eyeing these sets, now is the time!) 

Happy Mail by A Beautiful MessAnd before I go—an update on Happy Mail! Month one was a huge success. We are BEYOND thankful. We didn't expect to sell out of this first month before Black Friday, but we did. I know many of you were still thinking it over when we sold out, so I'm sorry if you missed out! 

With that said, you can still sign up now, and your packages will start this coming month. We will reveal the new kit, and they will start shipping on December 10th! I've already designed three packages, and I can tell you that each one is equally cute! :) 

Thanks so much for your support! It's because of you that we're able to do this! It's because of your consistent support that we are able to donate a house to Habitat for Humanity this year. We are incredibly thankful for you and love being able to bring you new, creative products! xx. Elsie + Emma 

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Win a Canon PIXMA MG7520 Photo Printer!

We're giving away a photo printerWe're super excited to be collaborating with Canon USA for another Black Friday giveaway!! This year we're giving away the PIXMA MG7520 photo printer. It really is the easiest photo printer I think we've ever used. It works right out of the box and can print our more mid-sized photo needs (up to 9" x 13") beautifully! Plus, it syncs up with the PIXMA Printing Solutions app, which means we can print photos from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection, like when Em and I are on one of our many trips to Nashville!

An orange printer!One lucky reader will win their very own Canon PIXMA MG7520 photo printer!

TO ENTER: Just leave us a comment telling us what you would print. This giveaway is open until Dec. 5, and the winner will be contacted directly shortly after. Good luck! xoxo. Elsie (+ Emma)

P.S. Canon is running a special deal until Dec. 1 on their PIXMA iP8720 Photo Printer (the BIG one!), where ABM readers can get an extra $50 off with the code 'BFCRAFTING1'!

A Beautiful Mess Giveaway Rules 


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Cubed End Table

Wood end tables cubed (click to learn how I made them)     Wood end tables cubed (click to learn how I made them)     We moved into our house almost six months ago, and we're just now getting our living room in order. Once we received our awesome sofa from Joybird, things started clicking. I wanted to create some kind of side table solution that would go with the couch. Sarah had an idea for it, which I took and ran with. We wanted the tables to be squarish, sturdy, and have some storage space built in. I also wanted to experiment with color combos instead of the safe all-black palette that is so easy to fall back on. I like all black, but I also like color (such an internal struggle). I ended up making twin (fraternal not identical) side tables for either end of the couch. (You can see the other one in our living room tour here.)

I love how clean these tables turned out! The great thing about building your own furniture is...well there are several reasons, but one of them is that the pieces are exactly to your specifications and taste. You can take this design and change it so many ways to fit your own taste.

Both tables cost about $125 to make. (I'll break down the cost below.)

-select pine boards 1 x 8 x 10 (4 @ $25 each)
-pocket hole plugs, stain grade (pack of 50 was $5)
-stain ($5)
-paint (custom gloss mixed quart, $15)
-wood glue

-table saw
-miter saw
-circular saw
-pocket hole jig
-speed square
-straight edge

Wood end tables cubed (click to learn how I made them)     Step One: The first thing I like to do is cut out all the material. Here's the cut list for each table:

-9" x 18" (6)
-9" x 16.5" (2)
-8.25" x 1.5" (8)
-15" x 1.5" (8)

Wood end tables cubed (click to learn how I made them)      Step Two: I glued the 8.25" x 1.5" and two 15" x 1.5" in pairs, then clamped them to dry.

Wood end tables cubed -base(click to learn how I made them)

Wood end tables cubed (click to learn how I made them)     Step Three: While the leg pieces were drying, I put together the box using four of the 9" x 18" and two 9" x 16.5" pieces. I used wood glue and a nailer to fasten the pieces together. After the legs were nice and dry, I drilled some pocket holes in two sides of one end of the 8.25" long pieces and attached them to the bottom of the box. To attach the bottom pieces, I drilled pocket holes on either end of one side of the 15" long pieces and screwed them in putting the pocket hole on the bottom. Once the entire base was attached, I plugged the holes.

Wood-end-tables-cubed-creating-top-(click-to-learn-how-I-made-them)Wood-end-tables-cubed-creating-top-(click-to-learn-how-I-made-them)Step Four: At this point, the table is starting to look like something! Now for the top/lid part. I took two of the 9" x 18" pieces and glued/screwed them together using pocket holes. If you want to bypass this step, all you have to do is buy a board that is 18" wide and cut it 18" long. I like the look of the sanded plugs. That's why I did it that way. (I like the process to be visible on my work.) After the two boards were attached to each other, I cut the piece in half diagonally with a circular saw. I nailed one side onto the top of the box. On the other triangle, I nailed two scrap 1"ish pieces 3/4" from the edge, so it would fit snugly in place. I was considering using hinges, but then I thought about our sweet baby, and I didn't want her little hands to get caught under the lid.

Wood end tables cubed -base(click to learn how I made them)The lid fit perfectly snug, almost too snug to lift up. So I took a utility knife and carved out a little finger ledge for easy grasping. Once I had the whole thing put together, I filled all nail holes and unwanted crevices with wood filler and sanded it. I took my time to sand everything nice and extra smooth. Although I like the process to shine through (like with the plugs), I wanted the box and legs to look like one piece as much as possible. This is all personal preference, which you can choose to ignore, build upon, or follow. You have so much freedom when building your own stuff, which is great!

Wood-end-tables-cubed-painting-(click-to-learn-how-I-made-them)I stained the top with ebony wood stain, taped it off, and then painted the bottom with a color I knew Sarah loved (her favorite color is reddish-orange in case you ever want to get her something.) After the stain dried, I taped off one corner and painted it with an accent color that I liked and I thought would go with the black stain and base paint color. Once the entire thing was dry, I brushed on a couple coats of semi-gloss poly all over and called it a day (actually I started on the second table.) 

Wood end tables cubed (click to learn how I made them) I really like how these tables turned out. They look pretty dang good in our living room if I can say so. The more important thing is that Sarah likes them too!

Our Hopson sofa (in Track Charcoal) from Joybird can be found here. -Josh

Credits // Author: Joshua Rhodes. Photography: Joshua & Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Evelyn from the Lightroom Collection.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving from ABMHappy Thanksgiving from everyone at ABM! Our offices are closed, and we are taking a day off from the Internet to be with family and celebrate the holidays. Don't worry though, we'll be back tomorrow!

Photo by: Janae Hardy (from Friendsgiving last year).

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