Marilyn1234I'm home from California! It was a great time. It was so cool to see my sister getting started on one of her biggest adventures and dreams to date! I am so proud of her and inspired by her... wow!

5 If you know me in real life, then you have been hearing about how excited I am about this film for months and months.... seriously. I love Wes Anderson so much.. and India... you know how i feel about india..sigh. My heart was SO happy. I've seen it twice this week.... that part wasn't on purpose... but i wasn't complaining!

6Last, but not least, guess who is switching to hybrid? It's a brand new baby Prius. I am so super excited....trying to think of the perfect name still.

Well, i guess that is about it. I gave my camera to Em and I am waiting for my new one to come in the mail so there might be a small pause in my world of obsessive photo taking... but it will be followed by a tidal wave!


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