December was SUCH a good month!

Emma has been in town and we have been having lots and lots of quality sibling time (and, of course, new photos) i love these two kiddos...


here is a just-for-fun painting i made for my friend, Aubrey, for Christmas.... (arcade fire lyrics)
4I've seen a few new movies lately.... I didn't expect to, but i *LOVED* "the waitress". It was a very emotional film....

5and *oh-my-myyyy* Juno is succcch a good film. I loved it. Great soundtrack as well.... 


Thanks for all your kind words about my new place. It feels like home more than any other place i've ever lived and I really love working here. It is a huge blessing!

Ok... it is almost a new year! I have been making lists and plans and goals for this year. A few big ones... quite a few small ones and then just some random stuff that i would love to do if the opportunity arises. What are your goals for the new year? Anything creative? Anything challenging? I hope so...

much love. elsie


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