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and some stickers i made for jesse james, since it was their CD release party... 2538346651_e09df701c7

i really can't tell you how inspired i feel when i hear jeremy play. his concert was so beautiful. it's the greatest feeling in the world. a little over a year ago i saw him for the first time and that night was the night i decided to become a painter. i think it was a combination of how overwhelmingly beautiful his music is and how inspiring it felt to see him (and other people) my own age doing something so ambitious and brave. i guess you could say that mr. larson changed my life... and that was all before we officially met. it's an honor to be involved with his music. he's the most talented person i know, so it feels good to be challenged a little bit more each day to work hard and to do the things that i really love. see more photos here. it's saturday. i spent the whole week in houston with my friend, carrie, trying to get inspired and stuff... that felt good... sometimes i get so overwhelmed and it's good to have a little pause. this week i am planning to not make plans, only art. :D what are you working on? ps. a few more photos that our lovely friend kelsie took a few weekends ago....

1=23456we don't often get candid photos, so these make me really happy. :D


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