today i got to hang out with two of my favorite people....1kendra and rachel! they are so wonderful!

we went to a tea house (nostalgic.. i used to go there with both my grandmothers), flea market and a scrapbook store (it's been a while since i've shopped for supplies! that was fun, especially since this past weekend i cleaned out about 6 boxes of supplies that had been collecting dust in my studio for a few years).

here are a few pics from the flea market...2345it was so much fun! flea market shopping was such a treat. i am so glad that rach is living in Springfield now, she is the perfect shopping partner!

well, i promised to share a little bit more about jeremy's new song, Immovable. (i usually don't post such personal stuff, but this story is so special to me... i am happy to share it) it's important to this story for you to understand that jeremy is a very shy kid. oh, and this took place in january, just a few weeks after we started hanging out... 
jeremy called and told me that he had a gift for me, but that i had to come and get it right then before he changed his mind. well, vanessa was on tour that whole month and that night happened to be her only night home so i tried to talk him out of it... he insisted. of course, i gave in quickly and went to see him. i told him i could only stay for five minutes, so he came out to my car and we listened to this song for the first time (he had recorded it earlier that evening). he had written something in invisible ink (the kind that you can only read with a glow pen) this is what it said...

"love's a casket, sure, but still a
place to sleep when it gets cold."

it was certainly the most lovely gift i had ever received and a memory i want to keep.  i guess that was sort of the beginning for us... or a part of it. happy monday to you. elsie


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