first of all, my new home & studio: 

12after months of looking at homes in the country i suddenly felt like there was still a season in my life where i need to be in the city. This studio & loft is on historic Commercial Street, here in Springfield.Here is a photo I found of the street in 1952 (found it on the Library website).3I am so excited about this move because it is still very close to downtown, but it has a completely different atmosphere. There is a chocolate factory, so many beautiful thrift stores and our favorite coffee is just across the street! It is very charming and in some ways feels a little bit more "undiscovered", which is always exciting to me. It's a very good fit for this season in my life.4567Big Momma's is our favorite. Some of our friends work there and Lyle, the owner, is so so sooo cute and friendly! We LOVE Lyle!
89if you live in Springfield, be sure and support this business. their food is great too!

here is another photo from behind my building...
10the building was originally Evan's Drugstore and has been used in recent years as photography & design studios. The loft (photos will come next month, right now we are doing some painting and remodeling) is much larger than my current loft and has a beautiful studio space and a separate room for shipping items and things that aren't as inspiring, but still very functional. So, this month is devoted to choosing paint colors and creating a new work environment that is inspiring and refreshing!
The downstairs space will be used for some creative adventures as well. Jeremy's new studio & something else that I will announce at a later date.

oooh! and look at my beautiful next door neighbor building.... 11I love it so much. I want to use this color in certain areas of my home. so retro!

Well, thank you for letting me tell you all about the new space. I can't wait to share more as the months go by... this fall season is going to be so much fun.

On to other things.....

12Rachel's art journal pages have been inspiring me lately. I love art journals so much, so i decided to sign up for her next class! It's been a few years since i played the part of a student, so i am excited! it should be a great creative challenge.

ooooh... and possibly the cutest thing i have ever purchased on etsy?14my new favorite t-shirt. it's so thin and comfortable. i love the print.
i love etsy.

and, i just had to share friend, holly, made the cutest project with one of my embroidery patterns.... it's lovely!

Well, I am going to get back to work now. I have a few more  packages to ship (the enddddd! at least for now. I am so excited for everyone to receive their kits and have a chance to play with them). This weekend should be devoted to organizing & creating (i am working on a new scrapbook project!).

One last thing... Jeremy's new album is done!!!
16i haven't talked much about this yet, but for the past few months Jeremy has been writing a new album and it has been amazing to be a little bit involved in the process. He recently made the choice to release this upcoming album completely independently. Here is a quote from a blog that he wrote on Myspace, "I've always been a very obsessive person when it comes to my music.  It was hard at times to leave things in the hands of other people working in another state.  Being unsigned seems to feel more natural for me at this point in my career.  This site will be dedicated to bringing you along with me in the process of making a completely independent album."  I am so inspired by this. It's been a wonderful experience. I will share updates, now and then, until his fall release date! Thank you so much to everyone who has written him kind messages and listened to his music. I am glad that our worlds can connect in that way. Have a wonderful weekend! Elsie  


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