i should be sleeping but there is SO much to do!  it's become a habit to blog at ridiculous hours and i like it that way. so, let's continue... i'll tell you a little bit about my crazy week.
first of all, my online class is almost finished.. actually, it technically wraps up today. so if you are taking my class and haven't logged in for a bit you will want to check out all of the new projects. i just posted the last one. *sigh*
i had a really amazing time. it was my first 6 week class and i learned sooo much. i spent way more time on it than i thought i might, but it was all so much fun that it didn't even matter. plus i made a ton of Christmas gifts!! big thank yous to everyone who took my class! <3

oh my, i am so excited... we are finally decorating my store (i'll share more sneak peeks closer to the grand opening!)...



i haven't gone to bed before 6 am all week and i am starting to feel like a crazy person. gonna get some extra sleep this weekend before emma get's here next week because after that is 3 weeks of strait RVA LOVE-ing and i cannot wait!!!

jeremy took this.

and i took this.

and i thought i would share the playlist i made for first year memories.... some very lovely songs on here.


today, i selfishly(and very excitedly!) bought this.... 

and somehow refrained from buying this cute t-shirt...
(i wanna wear it everyday because i don't even have or watch tv!!) :D

and i really want this cute dress.....
it's from bleubird vintage.

in other news, my mom has started a blog!

i can't wait to show you what rachel made us for Christmas!!!!!

l o v e youuuuu. els



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