yes, bedtime.
my new love in life!
the thing that is keeping me sane & healthy this month.

but tonight i am making an exception, to say hello... :).... and share some of my new loves with you.

i have enlisted some talented/adorable guest bloggers for the next couple weeks. with my new store just weeks away from opening i am mentally on another planet 99% of the time, but i wanted my blog to stay lovely & full of inspiration. so thankful for cute friends!

here's what i am loving right now....




esther pearl watson
i am in loooooove with her work. it's beautiful.

Some new Red Velvet shop sneak peeks... 





all of the peeks i've been showing are of accessories. i think i'll show some art peeks soon.
with only 12 days to go, i am getting so so sooooo excited!!!

seriously... 2009 is already my favorite year. i can feel it. anyone else with me?

Jeremy is home. He had a wonderful experience playing with Mute Math on the Tonight Show! So happy for him. Thank you for your support & for the happy flood of e-mails and text messages during the airing! What would I do without you? xo. lovelove, elsie


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