because i'm having a blog party for 24 hours!!!

wait a minute...what does that mean? 
well, from 12:01 AM till midnight i am going to host a day full of challenges, ideas, RVA giveaways ect! It will be so much fun!! I really love my blog readers, so this is sort of a big thank you for all of the love, support & fun we've shared! XOXO. 
I am SO proud of Erin for shipping out a ZILLION huge orders this week... it was seriously magical to see our shipping area exploding all week long! we were super thankful and excited to have such a great update.  she worked every single night till midnight. LOVE her. 
and this kid was helping out too. <3 
i'm very proud of *team RVA* this week. :) 
RVA-shop next up.. more panda painting photos... 
she's  my favorite. 
XOXO. elsss


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