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i'm back to work, like hard core (not like the musica... like very very serious. yea!) for the rest of the week. i have too many boxes of Girl Scout cookies tempting me in this house!!   -oh no!- 
So, this Friday night (July 3) we are having a party for First Friday Art Walk at the Red Velvet Art shop. 
Top 5 reasons why you need to be there: 
1. Sparklers
(photo by Will)
2. Photos... we take tons. 
3. Treats--- something patriotic and sugar filled, to be sure. 
4. exclusive sales (yep!) 
5. We are doing some cuuute updates to our local shop this week, be the first to see them (it's always more fun in person, right?!) 
Friday night 6-10 PM be there!!!! :D 

tonight i am working on new (huge) paintings for my shop, embroidered baby onesies and some cute stuff for the home. 
& i am enjoying Miss James' mixed tape.
lots of bands on there i haven't listened to before. love that.
she's a good friend. 


one more thing...
i'm thinking of starting some new collections... what's your favorite?  
a. cuckoo clocks. 
Picture 2
b. japanese fashion magazines. 
c. vintage 'elsie the cow' kitchen things.
Picture 6
d. vintage craft kits & supplies. 
Picture 7
Picture 2
e. vintage paper dolls or maybe comic books (but only girly ones...). 
in other news... i need a haircut, maybe.. and a flea market day without a doubt. 
this week shall be work-work-work... but only the good kind and i'll share with you lots of photos of new projects. if anyone has inspiring music, film, or artist inspiration... please, leave me a comment & link. 

PS. if you want a July ad on A Beautiful Mess you need to e-mail LA (LA -at- like today. it's almost July..... O-M-G!!  
XOXO. elsie 

ps. i'm excited about the tattoo ideas. i'll do another post soon with designs to share. 
Photo 374 


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