guess what i did today? 

i was a Girl Scout leader for the day... well, sort of. Here's the story.... 

a few months back i posted pics of a ridiculous (and fun) Girl Scout inspired photo shoot. 


Lisa e-mailed me about bringing her Girl Scouts from Nebraska for a visit & craft day at RVA. I was, of course, super excited because it's a dreeeeam of mine to be a Girl Scout leader (my mom was mine!). So, we made plans and today was the day.... the girls drove 6 hours to Springfield and spent the day with me, crafting in my kitchen (that sounds weird.. but my kitchen's really big). 

Here are some photos: 

Girlswe made scrapbooks & comics all day...

Girls3 Comics-socuuute ComicGirls-2


so adorable, right? it was fun. 

IMG_8578 ElsieIMG_8538here's a cute photo that one of the girls took in my studio... 


& check out the RVA dino merit badges i made the girls.... 

Badgesand how much they enjoyed my (not quite) homemade cupcakes. :D 


and last but (for sure) not least.... a few of the AMAZINGly cute photobooth photos they left me on my computer.... 

Photo 484Photo 454Photo 557Photo 450Photo 556Photo 568Photo 395yes, it was a very darling day. 

XO. elsie 


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