i had a few personal things i wanted to share... be sure and check the post below, as well, for rva update highlights from this afternoon. 

i miss this girl very very much today.
jeremy knows how much i like presents.. like any kind of present. seriously. a n y t h i n g.
he bought me these last night & i was extra happy this morning while working on the update. 
yesterday, we took some photos with Chris' new t-shirts. it was fun and i think he looks extra rad in his big glasses. side note: taking photos together is in my "top 5 favorite things to do" without a doubt... it probably doesn't make Jeremy's top 100. lately, we've been taking photos almost every day. he's being really kind to me. :)
also, these photos make me fall in love.... recording piano with a little fawn plushie. *sigh*
his studio really is a magical place. 
tomorrows must do list: 
-blog about tattoo designs. 
-hang out with Brett. 
-draw... like for fun. 
-try to get the new Wilco album (early...it comes out tuesday). 
-write e-mails.... a lot of them. :) 
goodnight. elsie


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