i am the happiest person in the world today! seriously.... over the moon because of this: 

Photo 587

a few days ago a longtime blog reader named Lanná contacted me to see if we would be interested in adopting a little pug who needed a home. well, yes, we were thrilled!! i've been wanting (& saving for) a puppy for a long time, but have been spending all my monies on my business (ha! i suppose i spend almost all my money working! that's the life of owning a small business though.... :D). we are really happy that i've been able to find a puppy that needed a home.... it's perfect! if you've been following my blog for a long time you already know that i once owned a very lovely little pug named Cocoa. My sister owns a pug named LoveLove. Anddd my mom also owns a pug... her name is Gigi.:) my family really likes pugs. ha! 

we named ours Suki and we are already completely in love with her. 

Family Suki Photo 588


i'll try not to post puppy photos every day... i'll try. <3 


some new cute paper dolls in le shop tonight: 

IMG_9449 Holly's doll.

she's a hair stylist, so i gave her some cute hair spray and a blow dryer... plus cute crafty accessories and i love her bunny t-shirt! 

IMG_9436 and i've added this little collection due to sooo many requests (thank you!)...


and a new collection of fun dresses that fit all 5 dolls! :D 

IMG_9438 Holly+dress


(the girl scout uniform was my brother's favorite.... jeremy likes the skeleton dress. ha! i love it how the boys like my paper dolls!!) 

Can't believe it's Friday night already! I am working in the store tomorrow and Sunday because Miss Erin is visiting her new baby nephew in Kansas City! If you're in Springfield, come say hi! I think I'm gonna paint for fun tonight.... and play with the new puppy. What are your weekend plans? 



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