hello there. it's a winter wonderland here in Springfield today. so pretty! i thought i would drop in and share a 'just-for-fun' inspiration post. plus... i have two really cute DIYs coming up this week. yay! here's a hint.... one is cute and wearable and the other has something to do with photography! :) 

Photo 1092Photo 1082i dyed my hair dark again this morning, but i decided to leave the bright red on the bottom layer just for fun. i had fun with all my recent hair color adventures, but i have to admit i feel much more 'myself' with dark hair. :) 

Picture 1emma and caleb are visiting for the week. i'm HAPPY. love them so much. 

Owl_hanging here's a little owl i adopted in Oklahoma last week. 

Dream_house a dream house. i love it so much! 

and something fun i want to do this week.... a creative challenge for myself. you see, i happen to be a person who responds very well to challenges, rewards and goals (any of you the same way? it's one of my secrets to accomplishing lots!). so i thought it might be fun if i documented some of my smaller goals here from time to time. my goal for the week is to make 10 paintings (small and large) and share them. if i can reach this goal i will reward myself with this little plastic camera i am going crazy over. if i do not, i'll have to start over with a new goal to get that reward! FUN. if you want to play along make a goal/reward on your blog for the week. i'd love to hear about it too, so share a link! 

 well.... welcome to the first official week of the new year! 

LoveLoves, Elsie 



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