hi there. i can't believe it's almost July! wow. that's a huge reality check for me. so much to do this summer. eek! do you have big plans? we sure do. 

well, it's time for good news & bad news... i have a lot to share! i've been putting it off for a few weeks now because, well, it makes me sad (this first part)... 


I had previously shared that my wonderful pal LA was planning to join our team here in MIssouri in Autumn. I was over-the-moon excited about this and so was she! We make a great team and everything seemed to be falling into place until major complications with the immigration process arose (she's Canadian and was trying to get permits to live and work here in Missouri with us). The whole process was a hundred times more complicated than we expected. Sadly, after much research, we determined that it's not practical for her to move here in the timeframe that we originally planned, which was only a few months away. We were heartbroken and I couldn't even talk about it at first! We're at peace with the decision now. We will continue to collaborate long distance and she will visit for special RVA projects in the future. We love her very very much! *sigh* 

our story, fortunately, doesn't end there. it's one of the most magical parts of life that when something bad happens, it's sometimes immediately followed by something amazing. i'm happy to say, that's how this story goes... 

a few days later i was still trying to decide how to handle the whole situation. without a full time employee it would be pretty much impossible for Red Velvet to reach it's full potential this year. i was a little stressed, to put it mildly. ok.. i was freaking out.

now, a little background to our story.... for the past three years i've been constantly tempting my sister with offers, ideas and business proposals. i've tried everything to talk her into moving home and nothing has ever worked! she always told me, "i love you, but absolutely not." so i literally had no hope of her ever working with us again, at least not locally/in person. when i told her about the above situation with LA's immigration not working out, she was bummed for me, of course. we started talking about her opening a bakery to match my boutique (in the same retail space) and she seemed a little bit more interested than usual, but i had no expectations. it was a fun conversation though, because i've dreamed of having baked goods of some sort (along with bubble tea and other sweets) in my business, but i know it would be impossible for me to execute on my own. i mean, i'm only one person and we have SO many ideas and dreams. 

anyway... to sum it up, she called me a few days later and let me know that she had decided to move home to Missouri and open her business with mine!!! this was probably the happiest moment of my life... i really can't think of anything else that compares. every day since then (a few weeks now) it's the first thing i think of when i wake up and the last thing before i fall asleep. i can't believe this is really happening! it's a dream come true!!!! in this day and age families running businesses together is so uncommon. i love that and i am so excited to have the opportunity to work with my sister (and little brother now too!). we have such a beautiful dream together! Rachel, Leigh-Ann, Holly, Jeremy and everyone else involved with RV is SO happy and excited about a new season we have ahead of us! we're thrilled... 


thanks for listening! elsie 


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