Tricks + Treats: Graphic Soaps by Sarah Rhodes


Hi, It's Sarah from Team Rhodes Weddings! I am going to share a simple soap DIY with you this morning. Enjoy!

Shopping list:

- clear glycerin (found at craft stores) or you can recycle clear soaps of your own.
- essential oils for lovely smelling soaps
- a small milk carton
- tracing paper, book pages, transparency paper, any kind of paper, or pretty fabric squares.

Have your artwork to put in soaps ready before you start! Definitely use permanent pens to avoid ink bleeding. Measure the bottom of your milk carton, and cut squares slightly smaller than your measurement - you don't want paper sticking out of your soap. :)



Over low heat, melt your glycerin in a pot on your stove. (If you get the craft store glycerin, use about 4-6 squares per bar.)




Add your oils!

Once all the glycerin is melted, pour it into your milk carton. While it's still liquid, place your square of paper into the carton too. Use a spoon to try and get the paper to stick in the middle of the soap, and don't let it float to the top. 


Put the whole carton in your freezer for quick setting! Once the soap is solid in the carton, you're ok to start on your next soap bar. Repeat all the steps and just pour the next batch over top of the first! 

Once you're done with all of them, and they're all solid, then tear off the carton around the bars. Use a non-serrated knife to cut the bars apart - they come apart easily! Anddd you're done. So easy! These are also great for little random Christmas gifts. (I start planning for Christmas gifts in September... sorry!)




Thanks, Sarah! This looks like so much fun! I love that you can use your own artwork! I can't wait to try this... perfect for Holiday gifts. XO. elsie 

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