wowzers... I can't believe the spring collection launches in just a few days. we've been getting loads of repeat questions around here, so i thought a quick Q&A post might be in order. 


Q: Are you going to ship internationally? 

A: Of course! At Red Velvet we always ship worldwide. If you live outside of the US and haven't purchased from our new site yet, you'll be pleasantly surprised with the reasonable rates. We worked really hard to develop new shipping profiles this season. We also offer free shipping anywhere in the world for all orders over $200. 

Q: What time will the dresses be online? 

A: We are going to start listing them at 6:00 PM CST on March 1st. All of the dresses (plus bows and a tote bag) will be online within the hour. If you have your heart set on a design, we recommend trying to be online during that time to snag one! We're really thrilled by the interest in the collection! Thank you. 

Q: How many dresses did you produce in each design? 

A: There are nine designs that we produced. There are between 10 and 30 dresses in each design. We produced the most of the gold and black velvet, and the gingham dress and chevron jumper. Factors included fabric availability, production cost and production time. If there is a specific dress that you have your eye on, we highly recommend shopping on the day of the launch. We can't predict how quickly items will sell out, but they won't be restocked after they sell out. 

Q: What sizes are you offering? 

A: This season we produced dresses in Small-Large. You can use a tape measure to find your bust,waist, hip measurement (in inches) to see what size you wear. There are three designs that are 'tent dress style', meaning they have an open waist and hips and are meant to be worn belted and they can fit a slightly larger range of sizes. Those dresses are The Kite Day Dress, The Lemon Pie Dress and The Piano Lesson Dress. These three dresses are also the dresses that *will* work for expecting moms (and would be SO cute!). 

The only piece that isn't sized Small-Large is the Record Store Jumper. That piece comes in waist sizes 28-32 and has adjustable straps (they can be crossed in the back or straight).


Q: Do you plan to produce plus sized dresses in the future? 

A: Due to budget and workload we were unable to design for plus sizes this season. We would love to design for plus sizes at some point in the future! We will have some really cute plus size vintage in the online shop this season.

Q: What was your inspiration for the collection? 

A: I was inspired by the mod 1960s. I wanted to create a collection that I would love to wear and that I could see my friends wearing. The line embodies the trends and styles that I am most in love with this year. Creating a dress line was my biggest goal for 2011 and it's been an incredible experience. For the past few months It's all I've thought about day and night. Dream come true!

Red Velvet Lookbook // Spring 2011 from elsie flannigan on Vimeo.

Q: Did you draw the pattern on The Kite Dress? 

A: Yes! I drew the design and Mallory created a pattern with it for our screen printer. Designing textiles is a dream of mine. I want to design a million more prints.... at least. ;) 


Q: Was everything made at your shop? 

A: Yes. Every single piece was handmade by Mallory in our studio in Springfield, Missouri. Doren and I helped, but she was really the sole producer of the entire collection. She has an incredible attitude and is extremely talented. I absolutely adore working with her! She's been 100% supportive of the Red Velvet vision and we are so happy that she's become a part of our family. We couldn't have done this without her hours upon hours of hard work. 

Q: Will you be doing more collections in the future? 

A: Yes! We're so excited. Last week we officially invited Mallory back for a summer internship where we will be producing an Autumn collection. I'm over the moon. We've already been sketching and chatting about fabrics non-stop. More details to come on that in the next few weeks. 

Let me know if you have any other questions about the new line. I'll be back soon with more dresses! XO, elsie 


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