For my engagement ring I chose a simple oval solitaire. I absolutely love my diamond, but it's weird for me to imagine wearing anything every single day for the rest of my life. A little change is fun for me, so I chose stacking rings for my wedding band. I thought it would be fun to collect stacking rings over the next few years (ahem... anniversary idea?) and experiment with styling them different ways.

Right now I am wearing a family wedding band. It was worn by my father's grandmother for 63 years and my mother for the last 30 years. My mom gave it to me before the wedding. In seven more years it will have been worn for 100 years of marriage... how special is that? In addition I purchased three tiny gold stacking bands from Etsy. So at the moment I am wearing five rings on my finger every day and I love it!


Here are three ways I wear my rings... 1. Super simple without the diamond. This is how I wear them when I'm working on something crafty like a dying project. It's no fun accidently dying your stone pink... I would know. 2. Spaced out. I love wearing my rings like this. It feels more gypsy and pretty... 1970s inspired! 3. Plain Jane. This is how I wear them most of the time. But I love having options!  XO, elsie


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