UPDATE: The dresses are listed now! A few have already sold out or are close. We're beyond excited!! Thank you for your support!

Here are some F.A.Q.s....

Q: What time will the dresses be online?

A: We are going to list them at 6:00 PM CST on Thursday, September 1st. All of the dresses and ties will be online at exactly 6PM CST. If you have your heart set on a design, we recommend trying to be online during that time to snag one! We can't predict if items will sell out, but last season a few of the designs were gone within 30 minutes.

Q: How many dresses did you produce in each design? 

A: There are ten designs that we produced. Some dresses have only 30 pieces (in three sizes) and some have more.

Q: What sizes are you offering? 

A: This season we produced each piece in Small-Large, plus extended sizing in The First Date Dress and The Sewing Kit Dress. These two dresses are also available in 1X-3X. For more information about sizing, see the bottom of this post!

Q: What was your inspiration for the collection?

A: This collection was inspired by the mod 1960s and early 1970s. This past year I studied a lot about vintage Biba, that story was incredibly influential to me.

Q: Did you draw the pattern for the Sewing Kit Dress?

A: Yes! I drew it and had it screen printed onto the dress locally. I also designed the geometric pattern dress fabric with Mallory, our senior intern.



Q: Was everything made at your shop? 

A: Yes. Every single piece was handmade at our studio inside the Red Velvet Shop. We call it our "factory." This season we worked with four interns on the collection (Mallory, Jamie, Chrissy and Renee), plus a part-time intern for accessories (Zachary) plus some last minute "emergancy" help from a talented seamstress who sells her work in our local shop (Missy). I'm so incredibly proud of our team! Everyone had a special part in this collection. We had a fun season together.

Q: After these dresses sell out, will you produce more of the same designs.

A: Unfortunately, no. As much as we would love to, we aren't continually producing designs at this time. After this season's pieces sell out we will start on the next season. That said, we do archive all our patterns, designs and prototypes because, well, you never know what the future holds...

Q: Are you going to ship internationally? 

A: Of course! At Red Velvet we always ship worldwide. If you live outside of the US and haven't purchased from our new site yet, you'll be pleasantly surprised with the reasonable rates. We worked really hard to develop new shipping profiles this year. We also offer free shipping anywhere in the world for all orders over $200.

Q: When will you post the lookbook video?

A: Soon! Our videographer (who we ADORE!) just got married. It will be worth the wait, we promise!

Q: What is the price range for the collection?

A: The pricing starts at $40 for The Sketchbook Crop Top and goes up to $140 for The Sewing Kit Dress. Everything else is somewhere in between.



This is the size chart that we use for our dress collection. All sizing is done in inches. Most of our dresses this season have open hips, so the bust measurement is the most important.

Extended Sizing: In addition to this we have three extended sizes available in this dress and this dress this season! Both these designs are tent dresses, meaning that they are open at the hips. To measure for these sizes, you should go by your bust measurement. These are the extended sizes... XL 39-41, 2X 42-44, 3X 45-47 (those measurements are for the bust in inches).

Sizing Notes: People have asked me how our dresses "run." I personally wear the same size as what I order from other brands online (most of the time). That said, I highly recommend measuring yourself and comparing your measurements to our size chart. That is the only real way to know your size. Everyone wears slightly different sizes depending on the store/brand, so trust the numbers!

How to measure yourself for dresses: 

Bust: Use a sewing measuring tape to measure the fullest part of your bust (with bra on!). 

Waist: Measure the smallest part of your natural waist line. This will probably be about one inch above your belly button. 

Hips: Stand with your feet close together! Measure the fullest part of your hips.

Add a little extra? Once you have your measurements add an extra inch if you want your clothes to be comfortable and loose fitting. I, personally, always add an extra inch to the bust but not the rest since I like a fitted waist. This part is up to you and will determine how you want your clothing to fit.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them here in the comments (I will respond here in the comments!). XO, Elsie

PS. I can't thank you enough for the support, love and energy we've felt for the dress collection. It's so wonderful to experience such a warm response. Thank you!



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