How To Style Mod Eyeliner





Twiggy is one of my favorite style icons from the 1960s. I've tried for years to style my eyeliner like hers. It's so much fun! Here are a few tips.... 




Steps 1-2: Using liquid eyeliner, line the top of your eyelid with a thick line. Add a little "cat eye" stroke on each outer edge, if you like! Step 3: After lining the top of your eye, your makeup should look something like this. It may take several coats of liquid eyeliner to get the look you want. I use more or less eyeliner depending on my mood. Step 4: Draw small lines under your lower eyelid to create this cute mod effect! You can draw the lines just in the outer corners or all the way across your eyelid for a more bold look. Step 5: Add mascara! There you go. It's easy as pie and so cute!  








Thank you, Sarah, for modeling this pretty look! 


Have fun trying something new with your makeup. XO, elsie 

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