I sent Leigh-Ann of Freckled Nest a First Date Dress to try out. Here's what she said about the dress... "I have only good things to say about the dress. It fits PERFECT. I felt really special wearing it because it's handmade. I loved the black and white palette because it allowed me to use lots of color in my accessories and I had so many ideas for how to wear it. It was hard to pick today's outfit! I can't wait to wear it again and again and I'm so happy Red Velvet is offering extended sizing! You got it perfect! I would wear it on a date to one of our favorite dessert shops downtown or on a shopping trip with my girlfriends." (yay! Thanks, LA.)

Last season was our first dress collection ever. We only produced sizes Small-Large because we were just starting out and I didn't even know if there would be a demand for extended sizing. Well, the demand was overwhelming. We recieved countless e-mails and comments asking for a larger size range next season. We spent lots of time developing a more extensive size chart and this season The First Date Dress and The Sewing Kit Dress (below) are available in small-3X! We are so excited to offer this.


The Sewing Kit Dress is the same pattern in all sizes. It has a tent fit and is extremely easy to wear and looks great with a belt. The First Date Dress is a different pattern in extended sizes. See LA's photos above to get an idea of the fit. We made the extrended sizes a tent fit as well (small-large is a shift dress fit) so that it is easier to wear and more flattering in extended sizing. It's also a tiny bit longer in extended sizing, so it fits more like the Sewing Kit Dress. I'll be posting the full size chart in my next post. 

Thanks again, LA, for modeling this dress! I love your photos. You're the ultimate cutie. XO, elsie


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