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Potted herb garden3Potted herb garden2I will be the first to admit that I am by NO means an expert gardener. This is my first year with a backyard of my own so I've made it a goal this season to at least learn something about gardening. So far I've read one book on the subject, admired a few other amazing womens' gardening skills (see here and here) and I sprouted a few herbs from seeds. Potted herb garden1I have fresh basil, cilantro and parsley in my future! Now I admit that a few small pots of herbs might not be anything to brag about... but... what can I say? I'm excited! I am not an experienced or skilled gardener. Oh goodness no! I actually killed my first batch of sprouts; left them in the sun too long/didn't water them enough. Rookie mistakes, I know.Sprouting from seedsI tried out two different methods for sprouting seeds. I tried out seed planters with very little dirt, lots of water and a little sunlight. And I tried seeds in paper towels, no dirt, keeping them wet and out of the sun. Both methods worked but I found that the first method worked better for me. Live and learn.

I'm hoping to devote a little more time to my backyard this season; gardening, maybe some simple landscaping and using my fire pit as often as I can. Sometimes it feels like there's just not enough hours in the day, but it's good to start where you can. Even if it's just a few pots of fresh herbs. xo. emma


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