Pretty Lace Flower Pots

Lace PlanterHi there! Here's a quick little project we whipped up in our studio today. We've been doing a little decorating and these lace covered pots look so pretty in a group. Do you want to make your own set? 

Lace planter stepsThis DIY is so simple it doesn't even really need these photos, but just in case... 1. Supplies Needed: Lace, Glue, Scissors, Terra Cotta Pots, Plants. 2. Brush glue all over your pot. 2. Adhere lace and then brush an extra layer of glue over the top to seal. 4. Allow your new pots to dry completely before you use them. 

Lace Planter  Lace Planter  We will share more photos of our studio soon! xo. elsie

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