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10 Places To Get InspiredSometimes inspiration comes easily and sometimes it takes work to find it! When I feel I've hit a creative wall I often take a few hours to go out and gather inspiration in a new environment. Here are ten of my favorite spots to get inspired...Flea Market1. A Flea Market. I love a good flea market break because I can grab a coffee and browse the aisles for treasures while clearing my mind. As an added bonus, I often find objects that I can use for my creative projects like home decor items or DIY ideas! Farmers market2. A Farmers' Market. I love visiting a local farmers market for inspiration. I pick up fresh food and flowers for my home and look for new ingredients that I haven't tried before. The best thing about a Farmers' Market is the abundance of color. It's a wake up call for my senses and I love that! Library3. The Library. Your local Library is a fun and free spot for endless inspiration. Find your section and search for fresh ideas or try learning about something new! Historic District4. A Local Historic District. Your local historic district is the best place to take a long walk and find a quiet place to write or sketch in a journal. The beautiful buildings will inspire you. It's good to get out of your environment to reset your mind. 

5. A Picnic Alone. As much as I love picnics with my husband a creative picnic alone can be nice too. I bring a quilt, a journal and a pen. Something about the act of driving to a park and sitting there waiting for inspiration always invites it in. I never leave without new ideas! Coffee 1Coffee 16. A Coffee Shop. Anyone who has ever worked from home understands the value of a good coffee shop. Sometimes you just need to get out of the house, but you still want to work. Coffee shops are a nice change of pace. It's fun to get a treat and soak in a different environment for a bit. 

7. A Nursery or Flower Shop. I love shopping for plants. Having little breaks like this can spark creativity or allow time to decompress in the middle of a stressful day. I always feel inspired and happy after buying a new plant for my home or a bouquet of fresh flowers. It's a simple exercise that can act as the perfect "me time".Country Drive8. A Country Drive. When you really really need some time to think, consider a long drive in the country. You can listen to some music, sing really loud or find a spot to stop and journal. A country drive is a great way to take time for yourself and make space for creative thinking! 

9. Shopping. Once in a while I can get really inspired by shopping. It doesn't seem to matter where I shop... I just need to be in a busy place with lots of color, texture and sound. Sometimes I'll go shopping for fabric or supplies or even for clothing. A shopping break can be a good place to get inspired. 

10. A Bookstore. Once or twice a month I head over to our local Barnes and Noble and pick up a huge stack of magazines. Sometimes when I'm feeling blue I'll purchase a book on a new skill I want to learn. I always feel better when I'm done. Sometimes it's good to get inspired by someone else's hard work... magazines and books are a great way to do this!10 Places To Get Inspired Well, what are you waiting for? Plan a time to go out and gather inspiration! XO. elsie 


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