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Liquorcart1Liquorcart4I've been really wanting to get a liquor cart for my home this past year. It's just so grown up. :) Plus I love the idea of having a little set up ready to go for a party or when friends drop by. I love the look of vintage liquor carts and have seen quite a few cute ones; but I kind of wanted to try and create one that would fit perfectly with the aesthetic I'm planning for my living room. So I decided to restyle a cute red cart I had been gifted for Christmas last year.BeforeandafterMy sweet friend Missy had given me this little red cart last Christmas. It was really special because I had a red cart that was very similar that I used for the sweet shoppe but it had recently retired. Even though the red color had a special meaning to me I knew I could use the cart more in my home if I restyled it. 

Side note: Even though Project Restyle was a resolution that Elsie and Rachel started in 2011 I still am in love with the concept and I really enjoy restyling items. If your not familiar with Project Restyle you can read more about it here. The basic idea is that you take an item (clothing, furniture, etc.) that you aren't using/found/don't want/thrifted and restyle into something awesome. It's budget friendly, it's green and it's a whole lot of fun.Red cart tutorialTo restyle my liquor cart I simply deconstructed it. Wiped down all the surfaces. And spray painted the red surfaces black and the silver surfaces gold. Then I put it back together and added accessories; I had thrifted a silver tray and a silver ice bucket. These I also spray painted gold (I left the inside of the ice bucket though, since it will hold ice that will then be served in beverages). I also found a super cute cocktail tool set at a flea market that matched my new cart—major score!Liquorcart3Now all I need to do is actually get cracking on my living room decor dreams. I'm so excited to put my restyled liquor cart in it's new space!Liquorcart2How about you? Have you restyled anything special to you lately? xo. Emma


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