Author: Emma Chapman,

Emma and treyI've been debating (with myself, which is lame and rather lonely sounding huh?) how personal to make this article. It can be scary to open up about personal things. Especially on the internet. In general I am sort of a private person. I'm way more likely to tell a (dumb) joke than I am to share a personal story. I get nervous. I feel embarrassed. 

But.True loveEmma chapman and treyThis is my boyfriend/best friend/partner, Trey. We've known each other for, like, ever. It feels. We met in college because we had the same major (Philosophy). We were friends. We dated. We broke up. And then there were a few years of half-hearted friendship. I guess you could say. (I'm keeping this part brief because it's sort of downer.)

And then, sort of out of the blue, we reconnected last Thanksgiving while he was in town visiting his family. I was NOT planning on dating anyone at the time. I had recently been dumped and I like to take a few months after getting dumped to work on personal goals and heal. But then Trey kept calling. And I kept answering. And then we were friends again. And then we were more than friends. And then he moved to my city (yes, it's MINE!). And here we are. Life is a funny fickle thing.Trey and emmaI still have moments every now and again when I'm a little surprised/amazed that we're together. Like when I typed our names into the title of this article it felt strange to see them together. I didn't see this coming. Actually, all the best things that have happened in my life I never really saw coming. Trey is one of those best things. Thank you for letting me share something, well, really big and personal in my life. xo. Emma

Emma's wearing: dress/TopShop, shoes c/o Lotta and glasses c/o BonLook. Trey's wearing: boots, pants, cardigan/TopMan, shirt/thrifted and glasses c/o BonLook.


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