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Insta-ObsessionYou guys, I really really like Instagram! I can't remember the last time that a social networking obsession lasted this long for me... it's true love. Maybe you share the same feelings as me? 

As I scroll through the saved photos on my phone, I'm amazed by the number of meaningful moments that my phone has captured. Sure, there are a lot of photos of cupcakes and new shoes too, but even those make me smile. But really, there are so many photos of Jeremy and I from our first year of marriage that literally would not exist were it not for this silly iPhone app.

After our first year of marriage I started archiving our photos together and a shockingly large number of my favorite photos came from my phone. At that point I had a perspective switch. I started to think of my SLR camera and my phone as equals. Sure, the quality is not equal... but the accessibility makes up for it. They both have serious advantages. It's exciting. Now I find myself taking my iPhone photos more seriously, saving full size versions and printing them out. I love this. 

Not only am I taking more photos than ever before in my life, but it's EASY. I'm a huge fan of being able to create images that I am proud of literally anywhere we go. I find myself getting more creative due to the limitations of a phone camera. This is fun. It's a hobby that doesn't demand much time at all. Along the way I am documenting life.

Insta-Obsession Have you noticed this transition in your life? Do you think of your phone as your "real camera"? Do you print photos in albums or keep digital albums? What about family movies? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. I know it's a little geeky but I find myself thinking (often) about how mind-blown my 16 year old self would be to have a digital "camera" with this many options. We're living in the future, y'all! Elsie

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