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Blog Brainstorming Blog Brainstorming Sam asks, "I'd love to know more about your blog content brainstorming process. What's your criteria for what gets chosen?" 

Brainstorming is one of my favorite topics! In this post I'll share the big and small ways that we stay organized and inspired. I wrote previously about Organizing Inspiration. I still use all of those methods and have a few more to add today. 

Blog Brainstorming  1. We plan out each month. Yep, every month we have a big calendar with article ideas jotted down for each day. We don't follow the calendar strictly, but it's a helpful way to balance daily tasks and planning ahead. Some posts take more planning than others so we are able to work in advance on piece that require planning like Everyday Styling or Mixology. We work weekly on food, craft and Sister Style features that require less preparation. I know this kind of planning sounds like it takes a lot of time, but it consistently saves us time! We spend less time worrying about what we need to write and more time just writing. 

2. We keep index cards and notebooks full of ideas. Sometimes we have a fun idea and we immediately plan it out and get to work. Other times ideas sit in our notebook for months. Sometimes I get off season ideas (for example, lately I have tons of Holiday ideas) so it's good to have spot to store them for later. 

To organize random blog ideas I always keep a book divided into sections. I keep a section for each of the categories we write about, then choose my favorite ideas to work on each week. You can also keep notebooks for special occasion stuff, like a series of posts you have planned. Right now I have a seperate book for home decor ideas where I am organizing new room plans. No matter how you break them down, keeping all of your ideas in one spot is smart!

3. Sharing ideas makes them stronger. Each week Emma and I sit down at least one time and bounce ideas around. We share all of the articles that we are currently working on and think of ideas to make them stronger. This planning time is super helpful. I love hearing her opinions and ideas and I leave each meeting feeling challenged to work harder and try new things. You can do something similar with a friend who also blogs. Don't be afraid to challenge each other! 

Till next time.... Elsie 

*Photos above from Fancy S'more Table + Tips For Indoor Photos.♥ 


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