Playing with an Impossible Project Polaroid

Impossible Project CameraImpossible Project CameraOne of our biz friends sent us a very sweet gift last week. It's an Impossible Project Polaroid Camera + film! I haven't used a polaroid in a few years (since my last box of expired film from eBay). I was super excited to try it out. I used to take polaroid photos all the time and was pretty devastated when the film stopped being produced. Here's how it's different from old school polaroid film- 

Impossible Project Polaroid FilmImages are blue while exposing. They are also sensitive to light, so you are supposed to leave them covered for a bit. 

Impossible Project Polaroid PrintsHere's what my first few photos look like. They definitely look and feel like polaroids, but I can tell that the film is completely different. I am so happy that Impossible Project exists and that I've had a chance to try it out! I have some color film to try next. Happy dance!

Have you tried this film yet? What did you think? xo. elsie 

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