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At Home With Katie StrattonYou may already know our next home tour guest, Katie Stratton, from her blog Katie's Pencil Box. She is here today to share her lovely loft space with us! At Home With Katie's Pencil Box"A favorite spot in our little house is my loft. It's the perfect space to just sit and be still—to read or craft or get inspired. It's also the first place my 8-year-old son Max and his friends want to go. It's kind of a club house or fort for all of us!" White space"We kept the original floorboards from the attic space that makes up the loft. I love that they are all mismatched and worn." Lovely Loft"I loved to climb trees and read books in them when i was a little girl. That was the inspiration for the space, a place to climb up in and get away for a bit."Clean white space"Making the most of a tiny space, just a couple of chairs and an end table make the room functional. " Lovely details Loft Details"Like the rest of the house, the loft is still a work in progress. I have big dreams of adding rooftop windows or skylights some day."

Thank you for sharing this lovely space, Katie!  Be sure to stop by Katie's Pencil Box to see more peeks of her beautiful home!


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