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Tea TimeThanks to all of you who commented giving me permission to totally geek out about tea! It's my current obsession. I've always liked it, but recently I've really started to LOVE it. Last year, Holly introduced me to David's Tea, and that's when my love for loose leaf began! Since David's is not available locally where I live, I've spent many nights carefully reading tea descriptions and ordering (maybe a few too many) different flavored teas. The list I am sharing with you now are my favorites and recommendations and what I love about them. Hope you enjoy! 

1. Forever Nuts: This is the first tea I tried, because Holly brought us some as a gift. It's amazing. It's creamy and smooth. It's also caffeine-free, so I drink it at night a lot. 2. Movie Night: This is, by far, the weirdest tea I've ever had. I love it. It tastes like buttered popcorn. It also smells just like popcorn, so my husband always makes fun of me when I'm drinking it. It's just fun! 3. Indian Summer: This is currently my favorite tea (although it's a close tie with #5). I love the rich, fruity flavor. 4. Alpine Punch: This is Emma's favorite tea. Emma doesn't even really like tea, but this converted her. It's delicious! 5. Jessie's Tea: My other favorite! I'm a lavender fan and love it even more with coconut! This tea is so good. It's what I drink to relax and wind down. 6. Birthday Cake: This tea was an impulse buy that became a favorite. It's my favorite treat tea. It's sweeter and smells just like cake! 7. Egyptian Chamomile: I've always been a big chamomile fan and recently discovered that it's even better when mixed with other teas. It mixes well with other floral and fruity flavors. 8. Glitter & Gold: I don't usually like black tea but this tea is special, because (a.) I used it to make this delicious chai and (b.) the gold sugar balls make the top of our tea sparkle a little. That's just cool.  9. Cocomint Cream: I love any type of mint tea but this combination with coconut is really delicious! I have been skipping my morning coffee and replacing it with this tea. :) Oh! And I can't forget to mention my two favorite holiday teas. I've been enjoying Santa's Secret (there are little bits of candy cane in it!) and Sleigh Ride (fruity and delicious!). 

Thanks for letting me geek out a little! I hope that you guys are inspired to try some new teas! If you know of any amazing flavors or brands that you think I should try, please let me know in the comments. xoxo. Elsie 


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