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Aebleskiver Recipe (via A Beautiful Mess) On a recent trip my friend, Cayt, introduced me to Aebleskiver (also called filled pancakes). I was so excited that I purchased a pan immediately. Jeremy and I have been trying different flavors and variations for a month or so. It's been super fun. Here are a few of my favorite fillings: Aebleskiver filling ideasNutella was an obvious choice. I also love mixing local jams with brie. Any kind of peanut butter or almond butter is amazing, and lemon curd was my surprise favorite! Gluten Free Aebleskiver RecipeI make a gluten free version at home with Pamela's Baking Mix (our favorite!) and then add flavors to each mix. Here is a recipe if you want to try making your own. My version is similar, with the gluten free mix replacing most of the ingredients, except eggs, milk and butter. Aebleskiver flavor ideas My favorite flavor combinations (so far) are cinnamon and sugar batter with Nutella filling, poppy seed batter with lemon curd filling and cheddar herb batter with brie. 

Have you tried Aebleskiver? If you have any delicious flavor ideas, please share! We love finding new food obsessions, and these are definitely our current favorite breakfast at home. xoxo. Elsie 


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