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Let's try a 365 Project?Let's try a 365 Project?Let's try a 365 Project?Let's try a 365 Project?Let's try a 365 Project?It's almost the new year. Would you consider doing a 365 project? I tried one a few years back, 365 self-portraits! I didn't even finish, but I did over 100 days and learned so much. Here's a little about my experience... 

365 self-portraits sounds really crazy and vain, right? Yea, it kinda does. But, to be fair, 365 of pretty much anything sounds like a lot. That's the cool thing about the project it's completely overwhelming in the big picture, yet every individual day is totally doable! 

I enjoyed my 365 challenge. I took it when I was going through a tough season in my life. I was newly single and really wanting to become a better photographer. I had good days and bad days. I missed days. But after the first few months I noticed that I had a new habit of bringing my camera with me more often. I was trying new things. A 365 challenge forces you to be creative. After I used all of my obvious self-portrait ideas I branched out and started trying new angles, new lighting and weirder ideas. Many of the skills I learned proved useful in other photography situations. Bottom line, the challenge kick started my photography hobby and helped me take it to a new level. It was fun, fulfilling and I had fun connecting with others (via who were taking the same challenge! 

Sound fun? 

This year I want to take another 365 challenge. This time I am planning to photograph a new subject, my home! I plan to share my photos via my instagram and my personal/photography blog. At the end of the year I want to get my photos printed in a giant book. If a 365 challenge is something you think you would enjoy I encourage you to join me on January 1st! You don't have to do a photography challenge, it can be anything that you want to do every single day for a year. 

Have you ever tried a 365 challenge? I would love to hear about your experience. If you plan to start one leave me a comment and we can cheer each other along! xoxo. Elsie 

*Photos above are from my 365 self-portraits project in 2007-2008. 


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