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Resolution timeHope you're having a very lovely New Year's Eve today. We just got a little snow in our area last night, and it's looking beautiful! New Year's is such an exciting holiday. It's time to reflect on the past year, be grateful for all the good things and learn from life's little hiccups. And New Year's is a great time to set goals for the coming year. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you plan out your New Year's Resolution:

1. Keep it simple and specific. It's much easier to achieve a goal if you have a clear understanding about how to go about it. For example a goal like, "Take more pictures." is a great goal to make. But get specific, maybe commit to a 365 challenge

2. Think big picture. Since we are talking about New Year resolutions this means we are looking to make goals that we will want to stick to for an entire year. Think about your life and try to determine what elements might make you a more happy or better person if you stuck to them all year long. You could break goals down into weekly or monthly commitments to help keep yourself on track.

3. Reward yourself! Your goals should be hard to achieve. If you feel like your resolution is going to be an absolute breeze to accomplish without much effort, you may want to rethink it to be more challenging. And it's a great idea to have a reward in mind for when you complete your goal. It's doesn't have to be a big or expensive reward, just something that will motivate you to do your best. 

4. Get excited! Goal setting should be an exciting time, not a chore! Keep a positive attitude, even on days you don't feel like working toward your goals. Keep your eye on the end result and know that you are doing something that you really want for yourself. 

READER GOALS FROM THIS YEAR: Here a few goals set by readers that we just loved!

Apple Blue challenge herself to create something every week (specific, that's great!) and to set aside time every morning to be thankful. 

Loved Edible Potential's goal to take more black and white photos!

And we loved The Littlest Bake House goals to learn to knit and to make an effort to move more in her daily life.


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