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Cinnamon and nutella macaroonsMacarons are one food that I am yet to master. I am always inspired by my friend Holly's beautiful macaron creations (she's such a fantastic baker!). I find them so intimidating that I put it on my birthday list to attempt them again this year. If you are not familiar with birthday lists, it's something Elsie and I (and others!) do every year. We make a list of goals for the upcoming year that corresponds with our age. For example, last year my list included 26 things to do before I turn 27. I will be celebrating another birthday the end of this month, so I'm trying to wrap up any unfinished goals and make my plans for next year. One thing I had yet to accomplish was to attempt macarons again. I wish I had a picture of my first attempt (almost 3 years ago). They were a DISASTER! Ha!Macaroon practiceAs you can see I still have some more practicing to do. :) But these were MUCH better than my first attempt. And although they were not cosmetically perfect, they were definitely delicious. They are cinnamon macarons (they taste like a snickerdoodle cookie!) that I filled with Nutella. I will share the recipe but for instructions on the method I would highly recommend this blog, and she also provides links to other fantastic bakers who have offered up more instructions as well.Macaroon feetEmma makes macaroonsFor these cinnamon macarons I used: 110 gm slivered almonds, 202 gm powdered sugar, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 100 gm egg whites aged at room temperature overnight and 50 gm granulated sugar. 

My main issues with this batch was that some of them cracked while baking and the tops still had a prominent tip from piping. (I also have a suspicion that I didn't fold the batter enough.) I got some suggestions from friendly IG users on how to remedy these problems. Snickerdoodle macaroonsTo keep macarons from cracking, it was suggested that I lower my baking temperature and allow them to bake a little longer. Or I can try letting them rest for 30 minutes to an hour before baking. And for getting rid of the piped tips it was suggested that I could give my baking sheet a tap on the counter before baking to level them off.

I was proud to have gotten some decent "feet" out of this batch at least. :) What about you? Have you ever been intimated by something you wanted to do? Or have you ever baked anything challenging? xo. Emma


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