Platinum hair_top knotcOne of the number one questions I get asked by people is how I get my hair so white without damaging it. Well, I'm here to share my secret, which is actually not a secret at all. If you're anything like me, you like it platinum. Maybe even channeling your grandmothers grey—yes, I said it. While that might sound a little extreme, I wanted to share my process and extend some helpful tips on keeping your platinum locks looking bright and beautiful.

My sister is the brains behind this "operation". She's a licensed stylist and has been doing my hair for years. It used to be in a fancy salon, but now it is in her washroom with our 4 little ones running around! Needless to say, it can be done anywhere. But i'd definitely recommend leaving your hair in the hands of a professional and not a DIY home kit. (one of the few times you will hear me advise against DIY!)  

Contrary to what some people think, you can achieve platinum blonde from any hair color.  But depending on your base color, it may be a fast or a very slow process.  The key is working with un-dyed hair. I have been platinum for over 10 years, so all I need to do each month is root touch up and a "freshen up". Here's my process:Platinum hair_blondorWe start by mixing Wella Blondor with 20 Vol Developer.

Platinum hair_color
Platinum hair_rootsWe apply it to the root, making sure only to apply it on the new growth, not overlapping onto the previously bleached hair. For my hair, we let it process about 35 minutes, but processing times will vary depending on your hair texture & color. After it's done processing, shampoo.
Platinum hair_toner
Platinum hair_mixImportant! TONER! This is what eliminates the yellow and helps achieve that white ashy hue.
After I have shampooed and towel dried my hair, we apply the toner—focusing on the root.  

Platinum hair_tone

Platinum hair_tone2We let that process about 5 minutes (again, processing time may vary) or until the hair starts turning a violet-y tone. We always pull through the toner the last minute of processing to freshen up the rest of the hair as well. We rinse out the toner and just condition.
Platinum hair_blow dryLastly, blow dry!
A few tips for keeping platinum looking fresh & healthy:
- always get your hair done by a professional
- use a serum before you blow dry to protect it from heat (like Sudzz Fx 'Zenyth')
- don't wash everyday
- use a violet/silver shampoo once a week (like Matrix 'So Silver')  I LOVE THIS STUFF!
- use shine spray on your finished look (like Bed Head 'Head Rush')
Platinum hair_bunI hope this helped some of you platinum hopefuls out there! Happy healthy bleaching! xo. Kelli


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