Author: Elsie Larson,Today Is...,

1111111Some days (and weeks) seem to fly by. Often I wake up, blink, and it's time for dinner. At least that's how it feels. So when a day comes along that feels slow, well, that's a treat. This weeks is niceeee and slow. I have time to finish my to-do list, have an impromptu latte lesson party, make just-for-fun flower arrangements, and give my house a little much needed scrub. Cheers to slow weekends! elsie 

Pictures above: 1. a favorite print from Fine Little Day 2. a lit up ladder 3. velvet pillows (from Urban Outfitters) 4-5. making all green arrangements for our home 6. my favorite little cacti art by HermanMarie 7. Lace Curtains ♥ 


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