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Project Life on A Beautiful MessProject Life on A Beautiful MessProject Life on A Beautiful MessOver the weekend I started a new project... Project Life. If you've read my blog for a long time (and I mean a REALLY long time) you might know that in my early twenties I designed scrapbooking projects and taught scrapbooking workshops for a living. And then one day, I quit. I was seriously burned out and tired of having SO much stuff. I seriously had a whole room in my apartment full of scrapbooking supplies. I knew that when I got back into the hobby, I wanted to take a more simple approach that was mostly based on photographs. 

Enter, Project Life. I first heard about project life when my friends Elise and Ali started using it to document their daily lives last year. I ordered a bunch of supplies and then kept them in a box all year. I am one of those people who can't do anything halfway. As the months passed by, I got more and more anxious to just start. So, this weekend I started. I didn't do any planning. I just set aside an afternoon, got out all the supplies I had been hoarding and made a bunch of random pages. And you know what... it was SO FUN. I love the simplicity of the photo pockets (most of the designs only call for photos in two sizes—yay!), the mostly photo aesthetic and the minimal supplies needed. Here's peek at my first few pages...Project Life Ideas (via A Beautiful Mess)  Project Life Ideas (via A Beautiful Mess)  This page goes right before our first anniversary. I really wanted to try a confetti design with acrylic paint.Project Life Ideas-via A Beautiful MessProject Life Ideas-via A Beautiful MessFor these pages I added the type to the top two images before printing them. This will be the opening page for our 2013 book.Project Life by A Beautiful MessProject Life by A Beautiful MessFor this page, I had fun making some quick designs with my tablet for extra cards. I love the vibe of handwriting mixed with photos.Project Life by A Beautiful Mess  Project LifeSupplies I used: Project Life Pocket Pages (Design A,C,E,F), You're My Favorite StampSeafoam Kit, Seafoam Binder, Rolling Stamp, Alphabet Stamps and Neon Painters Tape. 

Have you tried Project Life? Is it something you would be interested in? If you've already been making your own books, leave me a link so I can check them out! xo. Elsie 


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