Fabric Maiden Braids Tutorial

Cute tutorial for maiden braids with fabricSome of my favorite hair tutorials are the ones that simply put a spin on something I'm already good at. I mean, sometimes it's nice not to have to learn a new technique to switch up my look. Maybe that makes me sound lazy, but hey, I'm a busy lady! Anyway... I love maiden braids. As I was pinning my braids and adding a scarf around my head this week, it dawned on me: I could just incorporate the scarf into the braids. Bingo. Fabric Maiden Braids TutorialStep 1: Divide your hair into two sections and pin the scarf into the back of your hair. This will prevent it from sliding while you are braiding. Step 2-3: Braid each side of your hair using the scarf as one of the three sections in the braid. Step 4: Pin the braids in place all the way to your crown. Step 5-6: Take the leftover sections of the scarf and tie a knot. Continue tying knots until you reach the very tips of your scarf. Step 7: Roll the knotted part of the scarf forward. It should look like a snail shell from the side. Step 8: Pin it down in the front. All done! Adorable maiden braid with fabricAdorable maiden braids with knotted fabric tutorialHappy braiding! xo. Katie

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