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Wedding InspirationAs most of you probably know, I am currently in full-blown wedding planning mode. Trey and I will be saying our vows in less than two months, and I could not be more excited! I am so excited to share all our wedding day choices with you: from invites, to flowers, my dress, the cake, and everything in between. I love the process, and I really can't say enough how happy I feel during this season of my life.

I'd like to say that I'm not the kind of girl who has been dreaming about my wedding day since I was sixteen, but that's just not true. I was recently reminded of this when my parents dropped off a box of old pictures and journals of mine that they had found at their house. I was digging through it, deciding what to save and what to pitch, when I uncovered a bunch of magazine clippings and notes from my 16-year-old self planning my future wedding. Some of it I'm still kind of into, even though it's over ten years later, and some of it was just funny. So of course I had to share. :) Wedding Inspiration dressesKeep in mind that not only was this pre-Pinterest, this was nearly pre-internet. At least for me. I think my parents got dial-up internet some time around when I graduated high school. So back then, in the old days, we didn't have a Pinterest board filled with wedding ideas we found from all over the world. We had magazines that we flipped through and clipped pages from. 

My goodness I'm feeling old.

Anyway, check out my fashion sensibilities. 1.) Black on white, kind of classic but also I was really into Hot Topic at the time... yeah. 2.) I still kind of like that wedding gown, and her umbrella's cute. 3.) I remember LOVING this deep aqua and gold color story. At least one of these colors did indeed make it into my wedding schemes. 4.) I LOVED the idea of pairing a simple cotton tank top with a a more formal skirt. Although I'm not doing this for my bridesmaid look, I almost wish I was. 5.) Not sure why I clipped that bottom right side wedding dress... I guess I liked the sheer thing? Dessert ideasI guess I hadn't decided yet if I wanted more rustic-themed foods or classic, formal. Or maybe I just wanted it all! I've always loved dessert. :) 

1.) Wedding cake cookies. These are fun, maybe not the most original idea anymore, but I'm into it. 2.) A giant, boxy layered cake. Hmm... I'll be honest, although I think this cake is very impressive, I don't think it really seems very me. 3.) Pies instead of cake. I still love this! Spoiler: I'm not doing pies at my wedding. But I for sure thought about it, I LOVE pie.My 16 year old self wedding plansThis is probably the most hilarious (and kind of embarrassing) part of my 16-year-old wedding inspiration. I found this hand written note of, I guess, "ideas" that I had for my big day.

1. Bubble machines. I was REALLY into the idea of having a bubble machine at my wedding.
2. Lots (and lots) of star balloons. 'nuff said.
3. Carry torches instead of flowers (except me). I really love how I wrote out "except me." Ha!
4. All picture cake. I'm not totally even sure what this is. I'm guessing a wedding cake that is covered of pictures of me and my guy. Probably like those slide shows we all do but in cake form.
5. Sparklers. Well no duh.
6. Walk out to a Joy Electric song. If you know who Joy Electric is, then bonus points to you.
7. Candles. ? That's not really an idea....
8. Fireflys. That's the whole idea, just "fireflys", misspelled too. I wonder how I thought that could work out, like trained doves?
9. Up top I noted that I wanted to have my wedding at the Square, which is the middle of my hometown's downtown area. I still kind of like this idea in theory, because I love my town. But I think in reality this might just amount to filling out forms with the city government to get permits to have my wedding in a location that basically guarantees to attract a few uninvited guests... if you know what I mean. Emma chapman prom picturesI also uncovered these prom pictures that are probably from about the same era I was compiling these bits of wedding inspiration. In the above photos I was a junior in high school and I went to two proms (in one weekend!) with my friend Terry, who went to a nearby high school. These photos make me smile, then laugh, then roll my eyes. Love them. Thanks for letting me share! xo. Emma


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