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Vintage Brass Planters www.abeautifulmess.comLast week I found three vintage brass planters at a flea market. I almost didn't bring them home, because I was having a hard time imaging them in our space. I had no idea where we would hang them. But it was one of those times where I figured, if I left them behind, I would probably regret it the next day, so I brought them home. 

We had a video shoot coming up, so we decided to hang them in the living room, opposite our hanging wicker chair. First, we added new wires to the planters, making them different heights. Then we added three plants to the planters, still in their original containers. Thanks for the time saving tip, Elise!Vintage Brass Planters We chose three different plants that would spill over the planters. My dad told me these plants would grow really fast, and towards the light. So when one side starts looking much longer than the other, I will just give the planters a half turn. :)Vintage Brass Planters  Our dad is awesome! He helped us hang these. Thanks, Dad!! 

Vintage Brass Planters   Vintage Brass Planters   Vintage Brass Planters   Vintage Brass Planters   Vintage Brass Planters   Vintage Brass Planters   I'm so happy with the final result. I was worried the brass would feel too fancy (we're not fancy!), but I think it adds just the right amount of "shiny" to our living area. Have you hung planters in your home? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks! xo. Elsie 

ps. An instagram follower pointed out that there are similar planters available at UO right now. Fun! 


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