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Let's Make Leather Hair Clips! www.abeautifulmess.comWhen we started experimenting with hair clip designs leather was an option we just had to try. We're big-time leather lovers around here, but you can use faux leather or vinyl as well. We tried a couple designs in neon yellow and gold leather. Here's how we put them together. 

Let's Make Leather Hair Clips! Cut a rectangle of leather that is two inches tall and three inches wide. Cut another thin strip of leather that will serve as the middle of your bow and set aside. Accordion fold the leather rectangle lengthwise so that you have two folds showing on the front of your bow, and use the thin leather strip and Tacky Glue to secure the middle of the bow tightly in place. Glue the bow on to your base, and you’re done!

Let's Make Leather Hair Clips!    Let's Make Leather Hair Clips!    Cut a rectangle of leather that is just big enough to cover your barrette base and use Tacky Glue to secure the leather to the barrette base. If you want to add a little edge to your barrette, you can add some studs to your leather before gluing the piece on to the base. With the stud points pointing straight down, push the stud on top of the leather in its intended spot so you see an indent of how far apart the stud points are. Use an Exacto knife to make small cuts where the indents are and push the stud points through the cuts. Bend the stud points flat in place and then glue the stud and leather combo onto your barrette base.

Let's Make Leather Hair Clips!   Cut your dachshund body shape out of leather and cut a separate shape for the ear as well. Take your ear, cover evenly with Tacky Glue, and generously sprinkle loose glitter on the ear and let dry. Once dry, use Triple Thick Glaze on top of the glitter to keep the glitter from flaking off and let dry again.  Glue the ear to the dachshund body and attach the body to your barrette base.

Happy crafting! elsie


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