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Fresh piano makeover via abeautifulmess.comThis is a post about a piano, the art of compromise and my unquenchable need to repaint everything all the time. Two years ago I saw a white piano in a Madewell catalog. My husband might have wished I had never seen it, but it was too late. We have a piano. It was painted black and scuffed up. But it's Jeremy's favorite piano, so I knew it would be coming with us when we moved. (You can see it here) So I fell in love with the idea of a clean white piano, all I had to do was wait for Jeremy to fall in love too.MadewellI ripped out the photo and showed it to Jeremy about once a month. It took some time, but eventually he really got into the idea (wooooooo!!!). Only to white though—NO other colors. Haha. "Good enough", I said! 

Now, I know some people think painting a piano is sacrilegious. So for anyone out there who is getting a tomato ready to throw at me, hear me out! This piano was already painted black, and that paint job was in pretty rough shape. As a vintage lover, I can definitely see the charm in a little wear + tear. But sadly this was looking a little less charming and a little more in need. I took a photo of the scratched up legs while we were sanding to prove my point:Piano- beforeSee all those scratches and scuffs? It needed some love. Now that you've heard me out, you can feel free to throw those tomatoes. :D 

Here's how we painted the piano: First we sanded the entire surface of the piano. Next we used Kilz primer as a base coat. After the primer had cured, we used three coats of Rust-Oleum High Performance Protective Enamel in Gloss White. Be sure to use a tiny roller (what you would use for cabinets) instead of a brush to get the smoothest finish.Fresh piano makeover (using electrical tape!) via  I wanted to add a fun design to the piano, but since I'm obsessed with change AND promised Jeremy only white, I knew I needed to find a temporary solution. We found a source for colorful electrical tape and ordered a bunch. Electrical tape is awesome for creating temporary patterns because the colors are saturated, the texture is smooth and semi-matte, and most importantly, it's super easy to remove when you want to change the pattern!Fresh piano makeover via   Fresh piano makeover via   I'm so happy we found a solution that's a win/win for everyone! Jeremy and I both love the new white piano, and I can make my silly trendy patterns (this one is inspired by Turkish kilim rugs) without the commitment of constant re-painting. 

I love finding small ways to update our home throughout the seasons with new colors, patterns and accessories! I'll probably try another pattern for Christmas. I can't wait! xo. Elsie 


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