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Frozen Bloody Mary via abeautifulmess.comThis Bloody Mary might be my favorite yet... or at least a tie for first with the wasabi and blood orange Bloody Marys. I'm indecisive. After seeing the tomato juice ice cubes on Emily's blog (and in her book, Cupcakes and Cashmere) I had the idea to try a blended Bloody Mary.

It's one part weird, one part amazing and 100% perfect for warm weather! Freeze bloody mary mix in ice cubes for an awesome blended cocktail!First, you'll need to freeze a tray of bloody mary mix ice cubes the night before. I used this entire small tray to make just one drink, so if you're having a party I would recommend preparing a bunch of trays!Freeze bloody mary mix in ice cubes for an awesome blended cocktail!  Freeze bloody mary mix in ice cubes for an awesome blended cocktail!  Frozen Bloody Mary, serves one

2 ounces vodka
Bloody Mary mix, frozen into ice cubes
Worcestershire sauce 
Fresh lemon juice 
Liquid Smoke

In a blender combine all ingredients. I added some extra bloody mary mix, along with the vodka, to help it blend better. Serve in a salt rimmed glass with a slice of lemon!LOVE these hellfire bitters!I added a few drops of these Hellfire bitters as well. They're awesome!Frozen Bloody Mary via Frozen Bloody Mary via My only regret is not making these all summer long! They are so refreshing and perfect for the scorching weather we've been having around here. There's always next year, right? xo. Elsie 


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