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Emma Chapman's bedroom   Welcome to our bedroom.Emma's bedroom before and afterI don't really have a true "before" picture of my bedroom, because it was the very first room I painted. Before I ever moved anything in to the house I painted the master bedroom white. I knew there was SO much about the house that I wasn't going to be able to change right away, so I at least wanted my room to get a fresh coat of paint. That way I wouldn't feel too much like I was just moving into someone else's house. The bedroom next to mine (where my neice lived for the first year and half I owned my home) was the same color and had the same carpet. So I'm including a photo of that room here to give you an idea of how it changed over time.Emma Chapman's bedroom     Emma's bedroom tour Emma's bedroom tour abeautifulmess.comEmma's bedroom tour   Emma Chapman's bedroom    Emma Chapman's bedroom abeautifulmess.comEmma Chapman's bedroom      Probably the biggest update that completely changed the feel of the room was getting rid of that old, dark tan carpet. I am not against carpet, by any means. But this carpet was old and stained from the previous home owner. I had the popcorn ceilings scraped (just like in the living room and kitchen) and this made the room feel so much bigger! We have a large, vintage American flag (proudly) displayed over our bed. My dad helped be build the wood bed frame from. I love it, because it's kind of a blank canvas to display whatever we want on it. We change it up pretty frequently. Beside the bed we've framed and hung our marriage license, a cross-stitch wedding gift (it's the Kanye quote we included on our wedding invites) and a few other little pieces of art. Emma's bedroom tour     Emma's bedroom tour  Emma's bedroom tour        Emma Chapman's bedroom Emma Chapman's bedroom  Emma's bedroom tour      My goal for the bedroom was a little different from the living room and kitchen. I wanted the room to feel a little more open and bright, but still be cozy. The mostly white walls and wood floors allows for the color the palette of the rest of the decor to lean more towards brown and warm tones. My favorite detail in the room is our one wall paper wall. I love the pop of pattern and gold! Emma's bedroom tour    Thanks for letting me show you around our bedroom! xo. Emma

Sources: duvet cover/Urban Outfitters, throw pillows/Skinny laMinx, bed frame/DIY, American flag, wooden wall art, lamp, dressers, wicker chair, hanging lanterns/vintage, side tables, crystal and mini (white) vases/Target, profile illustrations/Oana Befort, tree stump side tables/DIY, antler jewelry display/gift from Kinsey, other jewelry display/DIY, cow hide rug/Ebay, wallpaper/Hygge & West. Wall paint/Dove White (7002-7). If you're curious about anything else just leave a comment. 

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photos: Janae Hardy.


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