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CollageHere's my winter dilemma: cold weather makes me want to LIVE in sweatpants. It's cold, and I just want to be comfy. And, even though it's not quite winter yet I'm already starting to grow my pj collection. Which is probably not good. So to combat this sweat pant addiction this year I'm trying to find a balance with comfy pieces that still look kind of dressed up. Like leggings and big sweaters or t-shirts with skirts and tights. I'm trying. This month I am also spending some extra time in my kitchen. Warm ovens make great companions during the chilly evenings, so why not bake something? And, in just a few short weeks it will be time for my very first half marathon run! I've been training for a few months now (I'm NOT a very good runner). Here, at the end of training the runs start to get pretty long, we're talking a couple of hours sometimes. I often listen to audio books while running and I recently downloaded the new Jim Henson biography to (hopefully) distract me during the miles. What about you? What changes has October brought your way? xo. Emma

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