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Decorating with foodMy favorite way to decorate our dining room is with food, of course! Don't get my wrong, I love flowers and candles as much as anyone, but there is something extra welcoming about creating a centerpiece that's meant to be enjoyed by everyone. 

You guys know we have a little cheese obsession. There is rarely a party in our home without a cheese overdose... and you know what goes really well with cheese? (everything?) Oh yes, Chocolate! It's time for chocolate to have its moment. It's overdue. 

Chocolate center pieceChocolate trayThis little chocolate board is super easy to whip up for a last minute gathering. Just stamp labels for the flavors before you unwrap each bar of chocolate, add some pretty flowers and arrange them all together on an oversized cutting board. Bonus points for dark chocolate cupcakes! ;) 

Breakfast trayThis next idea is for a morning get together. This is awesome if you have weekend guests, but you know you'll be too busy to cook a big brunch. Just get some croissants, butter, jam and French press coffee and cream. What more could you need? 

MmmThese quick paper flowers were made with a technique practically identical to this, but with craft paper and floral wire. xo. Elsie 

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson, Photographer: Janae Hardy


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