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A pop of color inside the cabinets (click though for more details!)Hi, friends! Today I'm excited to welcome you into my kitchen for a little tour. Kitchen-BEFOREThese are a couple photos from our house listing. This is how the kitchen looked when we purchased the home. It's not super big, so we knew we needed to optimize the space. At the same time, we wanted to create a more open, airy look. 

The first things we did were remove the large built-in cabinet from the wall (I felt it was too big and bulky) and remove the countertop that was covering a doorway. It was tough to lose that extra storage, but we didn't want to block the second entrance to our back porch. After removing the counter, we learned that the door was actually permanently sealed shut. So we had to remove it completely and replace it with a new door. This ended up being a blessing in disguise because we found a door with more windows, letting in more beautiful light! 

We chose to keep the cabinets and paint them to save money. After a few coats of paint were on the red walls and wood cabinets, the room started to take shape, slowly but surely!A pop of color inside the cabinets (click though for more details!) When we first moved in, my mother-in-law was kind enough to volunteer to come paint with us, and we tackled most of the kitchen together. I was full of butterflies, and it was special to me that she shared our excitement! (Thank you, Pat. I love you!!!) After a few months, I felt like the cabinets needed a little extra somethin'. So we painted the insides of the top cabinets a bold teal (Sea Swell by Valspar). Since we collect white dishware, it really made them pop. To this day I love this little detail every single time I open the cabinets. It was such an easy update, with so much impact. Emma did the same thing in her kitchen.Elsie Larson's Kitchen Tour! Elsie Larson's Kitchen Tour! Elsie Larson's Kitchen Tour! Elsie Larson's Kitchen Tour! We saved a lot of money by keeping the existing cabinets and painting them, but we splurged on the countertop and fridge. A year later, I am SO happy we opted for something that isn't prone to staining or scratching because the counters still look brand new and they are super easy to clean and maintain. We added a simple subway tile backsplash and wire baskets above the cabinets for extra storage. ETA: My countertops are Quartz. They are from Allen & Roth via Lowes and the color is called Powderhorn.Big Chill FridgeBig Chill FridgeOur Big Chill fridge was Jeremy's special moving in gift to me. I love it SO much. If you aren't familiar with Big Chill, they make new appliances with a vintage look. They come in a lot of beautiful colors—choosing wasn't easy. But I picked Jadite Green. I love it because it's pretty and still large enough to hold everything we need.Love this fun organization idea!I painted the inside of these shelves for a little extra organization. It's been super helpful, especially the "snacks" drawer as we have a lot of guests and people working in my home right now.Elsie Larson's Kitchen Tour!     My mom talked me into this double oven and I am SO glad she did. It's super nice to have a warming oven and a baking oven, or just more space to bake quickly.Love these colorful knives mounted on a subway tile backsplash! I always thought knife magnets looked kind of scary, but when I saw one in the Enjoy Cupcakes kitchen filled with colorful knives, I changed my mind completely. It's one of my favorite details in our kitchen now, and SO convenient for cooking.Simple thrifted basket container idea!I thrifted this basket for our everyday kitchen utensils. I still love shopping at flea markets a couple times a month and little accents and useful storage pieces like these are my favorite things to hunt for.This awesome wallpaper is actually a simple painted DIY! Could be done with any colorsThis awesome wallpaper is actually a simple painted DIY! Could be done with any colors This awesome wallpaper is actually a simple painted DIY! Could be done with any colors  The clementine statement wall is our most recent update. I didn't feel the room was missing anything before, but it adds SO much! I love that people always ask where we found the wallpaper too, since it's totally not wallpaper!Open shelving! I love this! Open shelving! I love this! Open shelving! I love this! Open shelving! I love this! We chose unfinished open shelves to store glassware and serveware. I like to collect glassware in small quantities (usually 4 per set) because I love having a variety, but I don't have enough space to store a dozen 8 piece sets. I also have tons of cake stands, pitchers and beverage dispensers for parties, so this is a good spot to store things like that.Open shelving! I love this!I'm weirdly obsessed with lining up my glassware on the shelves. It's SO fun. Open storage is totally a hot or cold thing because it looks incredible when it's styled. But it can easily look like a hot mess when it gets overstuffed. It's totally worth it in my opinion, but something to keep in mind if you're considering trying it.Farmer's market peppersFarmer's market peppersFarmer's market peppersMy favorite thing about our new kitchen is that it's bright and cheerful. The bright whites and happy colors make me smile, even when it's messy...which is often. :) Thanks for taking a look! Elsie 

Credits // Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Janae Hardy

Kitchen Source List: DIY/Clementine Statement Wall, Colored Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Organization, House Shaped Cutting Boards. Wall Art/Anek, Wire Baskets/Amazon, KitchenAid mixer color is Pear, Cross Tea Towel/A Sunny Afternoon, Ceramic Mason Jar/Fishs Eddy, Refrigerator/Big Chill, Blue Rug/West Elm, Gold French Press/Bodum. If you have any other questions about sources let me know in the comments! 

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