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December Daily Week 3Week three already? You know what that means...Christmas is this week! I'm excited to wrap up this project. Not that I'm anxious for it to be over, but I'm looking forward to having a completed scrapbook for my shelf. It'll be my first one since we've been married. I already cleared a space for it. Ha!

Here's my progress from week three: 

1Once again, I did all my printing at home this week. I also started working on a (BIG) scrapbooking project that will be on the blog later in January and I spent so much time printing. It was kinda funny because I got addicted and Saturday morning it was the first thing I thought of when I woke up. It's super gratifying to have printed hundreds of photos this week that were just sitting on my old phone and hard-drives. I'll share more about that soon! 

Covering my album with photos and a new spine colorThis week I finally got around to completing the album cover. It was super easy! 1. I printed two photos (for the front and back) at 7x10 inches (just a little larger than the cover space I needed to cover. I adhered the photos to the front and the back with lots of scrapbook adhesive. 2-3. I flipped the album over and trimmed the photo to fit the cover perfectly with rounded corners. 4. I pried the metal embellishment off the spine with a screwdriver and my giant muscles, of course! 5. (not pictured) I cut piece of gold scrap leather (leftover from this pretty project) to fit the spine. I used superglue to adhere it. I would like to add 2013 to it too- but I'm not sure what to use. Any suggestions? 

33I love the gold spine! I love red too, but I have a vision of matching color-coded scrapbooks (heh! Dream big, right?) and metallics just feel very perfectly festive to me! 

These photos were taken by our talented friend Candice Stringham on a recent snow day here in our neighborhood. They're a treasure to us. Thank you Candice!!!

5I used another photo for the back of the book. 

6We have a very strict no-Scrooge policy around here. Nobody is allowed to be a holiday hater. That's just not OK. With that said, we had fun naming our favorite annoying holiday songs at brunch the other day! I mean, how did the twelve days of Christmas not make the list? haha. (Now you have to tell me yours in the comments!) 

7Of course the photos that Candice took deserved a couple pages. If I would have been organized enough to send out cards I would have used these. Unfortunately, it didn't happen this year. I'll forgive myself eventually. Hats off to all of you who did it. You win every prize. :) 

8Rachel visited this week. It was a work/fun visit. We did a lot of both and it was wonderful to see her. 

9The dogs have a lot of holiday outfits. These are their elf shirts. 

On this page you can see that I finally ran out of full page protectors. :( Let the slicing begin! Suki still looks cute in 4 pieces, don't you think? 

10I've been documenting the progress on our new space. I could make a whole book about just that, but I decided to just add a few photos here so that years from now I'll remember that this was the year we were renovating the new studio. 

Yesterday was our cousin's wedding. It was a great night. Seriously, one of the most fun weddings I've ever been to! I'm thankful I was able to get a few snapshots with my phone. 

11I begged my grandparents to take a photo booth together and they did. They gave me an extra copy of their strip and I stole one of Emma and Trey's too. They're all getting framed asap! 

My grandfather looked adorable in his tux. I got to sit by him at the reception. Best seat in the house. 

Making a holiday card pocketConfession time! In years past I have tossed our Christmas card stashes. I always felt horrible, but what was I going to do with them? This year I'm so so so excited that instead of tossing them they have a little home in the back of our album. On that note, I just have to say, I'm blown away by how cute everyone's cards are! It's SO fun to see all our friends' growing families and memories from the year. It's special. 

To make the pocket: 1. Staple a piece of cardstock to a page protector (make it as big as you can to fit in your book). 2. Trim the excess page protector away and adhere the pocket to your book. 3. Use ribbon or tape the hide the staples. Add letter stickers. 3. Done and done! Now you can save these puppies forever. 

12So cute, right?! 

13Progress! I can't believe there's just one more week left!

Here are a few thoughts about this project.

1. I'm so glad I tried. I probably would not have printed out any photos this month if it wasn't for this challenge. I would have been happy with anything, but having this almost completed little book feels like a treasure to me. Thanks for inviting me to join in the fun, Ali!

2. The holidays are not perfect. Jeremy, Rachel and Katie and I had some good conversations this week about how the holidays can be a lot of pressure. It's wonderful to have people to buy gifts for and parties to attend and a home to decorate with sparkly decorations, but it's a lot. A lot to do, a lot to remember and a lot to enjoy in what's really a very short period of time.

I didn't send out cards, my house isn't perfectly festive and I basically forget to use my camera all month. There are moments when I feel discouraged by our busy schedule. I'm guilty of starting too many sentences with, "When we have kids we'll start (insert any tradition or cute family activity here)". 

I share all of this to say that I'm thankful that this Sunday ritual of printing out my photos and putting them in a book. This simple task has helped me realize how full and beautiful our life is. It reminds me that nothing is missing that that my imperfect life is deserving of all the gratitude in my heart. 

3. I want to make more albums. It's a great feeling as the new year approaches! Let's do this! 

Hope you guys had a wonderful week! xo. Elsie 

PS. Here's getting ready, December Daily Begins, Week 1 and Week 2

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson


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