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2014 GoalsThe New Year is upon us! Elsie and I thought it would be fun to share our new year's resolutions.

Emma: I decided to have two resolutions this year: one work related and one personal.

For my work related goal I've decided to cook my way through this book. Ideally I'd love to take a professional culinary course or even go to culinary school. And maybe I'll get the chance one day. But for now that just won't fit my busy schedule. But I always want to push myself to become better and better at cooking because it is my passion. So, I'm cooking my way through this book and hoping to pick up some new skills and terminology as I go. 

My more personal goal is simple: work to remember birthdays. It's sad, but I only remember a few people's birthdays, mainly my husband and sister. Terrible, I know! I'm not on Facebook either, so I don't have an easy system for reminders. So I am going to get all my loved ones birthdays written down on a calendar (and I'll save a digital version as well), so I can remember to send text, mail cards and buy presents for their special day. It's simple, and it seems silly that I'm not in the habit of this yet. But, there's no time like now. 2014 Goals Elsie: New Years brings out the idealist in me. I love making goals and I can honestly say having big goals is one of my personal keys to productivity, success and happiness. With that said, it's also easy for me to over-do my goal making. Sometimes I make too many goals to the point where it is hard to remember and focus on each one.

Other times goals need to evolve. Last year I committed to a 365 project. I wanted to document 365 photos of my home and our daily life here. I guess the universe had other plans, through, because a month or so later our publisher confirmed that our next book (the one we spent last Spring and Summer creating) would be a home decor book. I had to change gears on my 365, because for the next six months my home was full of book projects that I didn't want to "spoil". I still had a really fun year sharing photos via Instagram, so that's just one example of how sometimes our goals need to evolve, change or be put on hold. 

Ha! Sorry I didn't mean to be so long-winded. I'll get to my resolution now. 

My goal for the year is to focus on home decor. As I mentioned above we spent a good part of last year creating a decor book (due out this coming August!). Because of that, most of our "decor energy" was going into secret projects for the book, and we were very limited on how much decor we could share here on the blog. This year I want to enjoy the fact that we can share ALL OF IT with you! Plus, I have three spaces to work on: our home of course, the new ABM workspace and a new music studio for my husband, as he will soon be moving! Decor is one of my biggest passions right now, and I'm looking forward to sharing more here on ABM. 

What about you? Do you have a New Year's resolution? We'd love to hear. xo. Emma + Elsie


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